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Nov 3, 2011

Influential Spanish Paper Praises JYJ, “3-Man Justin Bieber Appears”

On 29 October, the famous Spanish daily paper “El Mundo” published a report about the JYJ Concert in Barcelona, Spain and has become a hot topic. The article, which was published on 29 October (the day of the concert) not only introduced JYJ, but also expressed their anticipation for this Spanish concert.

This article from 29 October introduced them as “JYJ, the boyband that shook Korea” and used “A 3-man Justin Bieber” as the headline to talk about JYJ’s album and details about their Europe concerts.

Also, the article mentioned that “The album used to break into the American market, which Kanye West participated in the production of, sold over 500,000 copies”, “with the release of their new album “In Heaven,” they are touring Europe” and others. In the article, their description about each of the members’ individial charms gained much attention as they wrote “Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong are like Justin Bieber, very handsome, very manly, very stylish and very fashionable,” “Their intense gazes drive the fans wild.

Representatives of JYJ said, “There has never been a mention of Kpop in the large Spanish papers, yet they introduced JYJ, who are foreign artists holding a solo concert in Spain, so we’re really happy.” “During the press conference, the number of interested parties were larger than expected, and this passionate atmosphere was a surprise to us, but also proved to us that coming to the Europe market was the right decision.”

Also, to learn more about the JYJ concerts in Europe, the pre-concert press conference that was held on the morning of 29 October gathered over 50 media outlets showing their interest in JYJ. Famous television and radio stations as well as press media attended this press conference, displaying their high level of interest over Asia’s strongest group JYJ, who have already successfully held their concert tours in Japan and America. A special point to note was that Catalunya radio station’s Tatiana Alvarez said, “What really surprised me was that despite being in Spain, a country without much understanding, they managed to sell out their concert tickets really quickly . Coming to this press conference today, I finally understood why the tickets were sold out so quickly. They are really charming, and the concert is definitely worth watching.

JYJ will be holding another European concert in Berlin on 6 November at 7pm, and like this concert, we hope that it will be antother sell-out show.

Source : [BaiduTVXQ + Sports Chosun via Nate]
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