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Nov 2, 2011

K-pop singers leading ‘German Asian Music Chart’ ..

K-pop has grown its roots in German.In accordance to released  ‘German Asian Music Chart’ ratings, K-pop singers are all over the chart.
This rating is given after compiled results of voting by local Germans, one can vote any Asian artist viz Korean, Chinese, Japanese. Recently, they revealed the October’s top 20 Asian artists and strikingly K-pop singer were all over it.
JYJ with ‘In Heaven‘ is on first position of the chart followed by MBLAQ‘s ‘Mona Lisa‘. Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Sixth Sence‘ and CN BLUE‘s ‘In my head‘ are on 3rd and 4th respectively. JYJ’s another song ‘Get Out‘ got 7th and KARA‘s ‘Step‘ on 8th. Super Junior‘s are on the chart with there songs ‘A-Cha‘ and ‘Mr Simple‘ on ninth and thirteenth.
Hear are the top 20 Asian singers on ‘German Asian Music Chart
1. (new) JYJ – In Heaven 
2. (1) MBLAQ – Mona Lisa 
3. (new) Brown Eyed Girls – Sixth Sense 
4. (new) CN BLUE – In My Head 
5. (new) U-Kiss – Neverland 
6. (new) Infinite – Paradise 
7. (new) JYJ – Get Out 
8. (new) KARA – Step 
9. (new) Super Junior – A-Cha 
10. (new) Verbal Jint – You look Good (feat. The Black Skirts)
11. (6) 2NE1 – I am the best 
12. (5) Infinite – Be Mine 
13. (3) Super Junior – Mr. Simpe 
14. (11) G.O – Even in my dreams (feat. Mir)
15. (new) Jay Park – Demon 
16. (2) Bang Yong Gook – I remember (feat. Yang Yo Seop)
17. (4) BEAST – Fiction 
18. (new) Money Rain – We Make it Rain 
19. (new) TVXQ! – B.U.T (BE-AU-TY) 
20. (new) Wang Lee Hom – Open Fire

credit:remarkable forum + korea.com
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